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It’s a blessed Friday morning. We rise at 5:30 and commence our day with Fajr prayer. Post-prayer, my focus shifts to getting my kids ready for school, especially because it’s a costume day. The morning unfolds with a family outing to enjoy the outdoors, starting our journey at 6:45. A brief stop at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium occupies us, with my husband tending to some work.

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DROP OFF KIDS AT SCHOOL and veccination of 2 year daughter

By 7:20, we arrive at Alain Junior School to drop off the kids. After dropping off our kids at Alain Junior School, we made our way to the SEHA health provider in Alain. This visit was scheduled for my two-year-old daughter’s checkup and vaccination. At the Seha Screening Center, post-registration, a brief wait of 20-30 minutes precedes our consultation with the nurse. Following a thorough checkup, the doctor recommends additional steps – a blood test and dental examination.

After the vaccination, a short wait of 10-15 minutes ensues, leading to another consultation with the doctor. It’s a comprehensive health journey for my two-year-old, extending our morning by an additional hour and a half.


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Following this, my husband and I savor a delightful breakfast amidst the cool air and a picturesque sunrise. Next on the agenda is a solo trip to the Lulu hypermarket for some end-of-month grocery shopping, there was a lot of offers on garments, footwear hand bags and on other fashion accessories. taking advantage of the numerous offers I buy some dresses for me and and my kids a pair of foot wear and a hand bag for me on very affordable price.

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As my husband picks up the kids, they join me at Lulu, and together we head out. To full fill the kids’ wishes, we indulge in a pizza treat. Returning home by 1 o’clock, it’s time for Zohar(JUMMA) prayer. This encapsulates the delightful tale of our morning in Alain.

tips for a blessed friday morning

Time Management: The family’s morning routine is well-organized, starting with Fajr prayer at 5:30 and efficiently managing drop-offs, a health check up, and grocery shopping before returning home for Zohar prayer at 1 o’clock.

Healthcare Planning: Scheduling a child’s check up and vaccination in the morning allows for any additional tests or consultations, ensuring a comprehensive health assessment without feeling rushed.

Family Bonding: The morning includes quality time with the family, such as a visit to the stadium and a shared breakfast, creating memorable experiences and strengthening family bonds.

Cost-Effective Shopping: Taking advantage of end-of-month offers at the hypermarket for groceries and clothing demonstrates smart budgeting and planning, especially for items like garments, footwear, and fashion accessories.

Flexibility and Fun: The family’s flexibility to incorporate a pizza treat for the kids shows the importance of balancing responsibilities with enjoyable activities, adding a touch of fun to the day.


In summary, the discussion emphasizes the benefits of a well-organized morning routine, including improved time management, reduced stress, enhanced family bonding, and better preparation for the day ahead. By incorporating activities that cater to each family member’s interests and preferences, families can create a unique and enjoyable morning routine that sets the tone for the rest of the day.


Q. What is the importance of family routines?
A. Family routines help families organize themselves, spend time together, and have fun. They provide a sense of structure and predictability, which can be especially beneficial for children.
Q. How can I create a well-organized morning routine for my family?
To create a well-organized morning routine, consider the following steps:
i. Start with a realistic and sustainable routine that suits your family’s needs and preferences.
ii. Prioritize time management to ensure a stress-free start to the day, especially when getting children ready for school.
iii. Incorporate family bonding activities, such as enjoying a family outing or a shared breakfast
iv. Plan ahead for healthcare needs, scheduling appointments and allowing enough time for check ups and consultations
v. Balance responsibilities with enjoyable activities, such as a family pizza treat

Q. What are some benefits of having a morning routine?
A. A well-organized morning routine can have several benefits, such as:
I. Improved time management and efficiency
II. Reduced stress and anxiety for parents
III. Enhanced family bonding and communication
IV. Better preparation for the day ahead

Q. How can I make my morning routine more individualized?
A. To make your morning routine more individualized, consider the following tips:
I. Ask specific questions about your family’s routines to understand their unique needs and preferences.
II. Incorporate activities that cater to each family member’s interests and preferences.
Adjust the routine as needed to accommodate changes in schedules or circumstances.

Q. What are some examples of morning routines for toddlers and pre schoolers?
A. For toddlers and pre schoolers, you could have routines for:
I. Getting ready in the morning.
II. Eating meals.
III. Spending time playing.

Q. What are some morning meeting questions for kids?
A. Morning meeting questions can be a fun and interactive way to start the day. Some examples include:
I. What are you most looking forward to today?
II. What’s one thing you’re grateful for today?
III. What did you dream about last night?
IV. What’s one thing you want to learn today?
V. What’s one goal you want to achieve today?
VI. How can you be kind to someone today?
VII. What’s one challenge you’re facing today, and how will you overcome it?

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