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Dubai is a melting pot of diverse cultures, and its street food scene reflects this rich culinary tapestry. While Dubai is known for its luxurious dining options, there are also plenty of places where you can savor delicious and affordable street food. Here are 10 places to enjoy cheap and tasty street food in Dubai:

Al Mulla Plaza Food Court:

Situated in the heart of Al Mulla Plaza, this culinary hub beckons with a diverse array of flavors. Here, the food court unveils a variety of budget-friendly indulgences, encouraging you to explore a medley that includes the savory delights of shawarma, the crispy perfection of falafel, and the aromatic allure of expertly crafted kebabs. Immerse yourself in a mosaic of tastes, expertly curated for an unforgettable dining experience.

Al Ustad Special Kebab:

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A cherished haven for those seeking an exquisite yet budget-friendly culinary experience, this Persian gem is renowned for its tantalizing kebabs. Revel in the generosity of portion sizes that delight the palate, all while savoring the reasonable prices that make this spot a true gastronomic haven.

Al Reef Lebanese Bakery:

Famous for its freshly baked Lebanese bread and pastries, this bakery offers a range of pocket-friendly options like manakish and falafel sandwiches.

Ravi Restaurant:

Street food in dubai

Ravi Restaurant is a well-loved spot, celebrated for its delicious Pakistani cuisine. With affordable prices, it’s a go-to place for flavorful curries, hearty kebabs, and aromatic biryanis. Enjoy a taste of Pakistan in the heart of Dubai at Ravi’s.

My Karak:

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If you’re a fan of the popular Middle Eastern drink, karak chai (spiced tea), My Karak offers budget-friendly options across the city.

Zaroob: street food

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Zaroob is a vibrant restaurant offering a variety of Arabic street food at reasonable prices.

Al Mallah Cafeteria:

A popular spot in Al Satwa known for its shawarmas, falafel wraps, and other Middle Eastern street food items.

Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant:

Famous for its simple and delicious seafood, Bu Qtair is a no-frills restaurant where you can enjoy fresh fish at affordable prices.

Saravanaa Bhavan:

A popular South Indian vegetarian restaurant chain with branches in Dubai, offering a range of affordable and tasty dosas, idlis, and curries.

Shawarma Street:

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As the name suggests, this place is dedicated to shawarmas, offering a variety of flavors at budget-friendly prices.


Remember that Dubai’s street food scene is continually evolving, and new gems may emerge over time. Additionally, always check for the latest reviews and recommendations as the culinary landscape can change. Enjoy exploring the diverse and delicious street food offerings in Dubai!

Faq aabout street food in Dubai

  1. Is street food in Dubai hygienic?

Street food vendors in Dubai are generally held to high hygiene standards. Most vendors operate within regulations set by local authorities to ensure the safety and cleanliness of their food. It’s advisable to choose vendors with visible cleanliness practices.

  1. What are the price ranges for street food in Dubai?

Prices for street food in Dubai can vary, but in general, street food is known for being more affordable compared to dining in restaurants. You can find options ranging from a few dirhams for snacks like samosas or falafel to slightly higher prices for larger items like shawarmas or kebabs.

  1. Where can I find family-friendly street food spots in Dubai?

Many street food areas in Dubai cater to families. Places like Al Mulla Plaza Food Court, Zaroob, and My Karak offer a family-friendly environment. Additionally, areas like Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and Al Safa Park have family-oriented street food options.

  1. Are there street food options in upscale areas of Dubai?

Yes, even in upscale areas, you can find street food options. For example, areas like Downtown Dubai and Sheikh Zayed Road have a mix of high-end restaurants and casual street food stalls, providing diverse options for all preferences and budgets.

  1. Are there vegetarian options available in Dubai’s street food scene?

Yes, Dubai’s street food scene is diverse, and you can find a variety of vegetarian options. Restaurants like Saravanaa Bhavan specialize in vegetarian South Indian cuisine, and many street vendors offer vegetarian snacks like falafel wraps or vegetable biryanis.

  1. Can you recommend street food places with a local touch?

For an authentic local experience, consider trying places like Al Ustad Special Kebab for Persian kebabs, Ravi Restaurant for Pakistani flavors, and Al Mallah Cafeteria for traditional Middle Eastern street food.

  1. Are there street food areas with seating arrangements?

Some street food spots in Dubai provide seating arrangements, especially in food courts like Al Mulla Plaza Food Court. Zaroob also offers a casual dining setting. However, many street food experiences involve eating on the go or at outdoor seating areas.
Always remember to use your judgment when it comes to hygiene, and if you have specific dietary preferences or restrictions, don’t hesitate to ask the vendors for information about ingredients. Enjoy your culinary exploration of Dubai’s vibrant street food scene!

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