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Step into the captivating world of UAE’s hidden gems and intriguing tales with “UAE Secrets.” This enchanting exploration delves deep beneath the glistening skyscrapers and bustling metropolis to reveal the lesser-known facets that make up this dynamic nation. From ancient archaeological sites shrouded in mystery to modern marvels yet untold, each chapter unveils an enthralling piece of history or contemporary innovation waiting to be discovered.

Uae secrets

Coffee Museum

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Savoring the Rich History of Coffee in Dubai

Located in the bustling Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, the Coffee Museum invites visitors to delve into the rich heritage of Arabian coffee. Guests can discover the origins of coffee cultivation in Yemen, observe traditional roasting techniques, and sample various brews while learning about the social significance of coffee throughout centuries. The museum also houses a collection of antique coffee pots, cups, and other paraphernalia, offering a comprehensive insight into the cultural importance of coffee in the UAE.

Desert Dinner Party

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An Epicurean Adventure Amidst the Sand Dunes

Experience the magic of dining beneath the starry sky in the heart of the desert. As guests arrive via Land Cruiser or camel carthorse, they are greeted with warm hospitality before embarking on a culinary journey featuring traditional Emirati dishes prepared using locally sourced ingredients. The dinner party takes place in a secluded location, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the peaceful ambiance of the desert while enjoying a delicious meal served on low tables covered with colorful cushions.

Delma Island

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A Tropical Oasis in the Heart of the City

Situated just offshore from Abu Dhabi, Delma Island boasts crystal clear waters teeming with marine life, white sandy beaches, and lush vegetation. Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving among coral gardens, or simply relax on the shoreline soaking up the sunshine. For those interested in history, the island is home to the Delma House Heritage Center, which chronicles the island’s role in the pearl trade and the lives of its inhabitants.

Riding Through the Fossil Dunes

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Journey Back Millions of Years in Time

Set off on an exhilarating desert safari excursion traversing the ancient fossilized sand dunes. These formations, dating back millions of years, reveal the region’s geological evolution and serve as a testament to the power of time and natural forces. Alongside experienced guides, travelers can marvel at the vast expanse of the desert, spotting native flora and fauna along the way.

Al Qudra Cycling Path

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Pedaling Through Nature’s Wonders

Cycle along the scenic Al Qudra Lake, taking in panoramic vistas of rolling sand dunes and abundant wildlife. The path stretches approximately 86 kilometers, catering to cyclists of varying skill levels. Those seeking a leisurely ride can opt for shorter routes, while avid bikers may choose to tackle the entire length of the trail. The route passes through picturesque landscapes, offering ample opportunities for birdwatching and photography.

Abandoned Car Dealership

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Ghostly Remnants of Dubai’s Past

Enter the abandoned car dealership, a haunting reminder of Dubai’s rapid transformation. Once a thriving business, the site has been left untouched since it closed its doors eight years ago. The empty showrooms, dusty displays, and decaying vehicles paint a vivid picture of the past, evoking feelings of nostalgia and curiosity.

Sunscreen Distribution Stations

Protecting Beachgoers from the Elements

Keep safe from the intense desert sun by visiting the sunscreen distribution stations located near public beaches. Staffed by volunteers, these stations provide complimentary sun protection products, helping visitors avoid sunburn and heat exhaustion.

Non-Tourist Area Hotels

Offbeat Accommodation Options

Book a stay at one of Dubai’s non-tourist area hotels, immersing oneself in the local lifestyle. These establishments offer affordable rates, friendly service, and convenient access to nearby markets, restaurants, and landmarks. By staying away from tourist hotspots, travelers can gain a deeper understanding of the city’s everyday rhythm.

Annual Solar Eclipse Viewpoint

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Celestial Phenomena in Dubai

Gather at designated viewpoints around the city to witness the annual solar eclipse. During this celestial event, the moon temporarily blocks sunlight, casting a shadow upon Earth. With proper eye protection, viewers can safely watch the phenomenon unfold, adding another layer of wonderment to their Dubai experience.

Starbucks with Local Flair

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Caffeinated Culture Clash

Enjoy a cup of joe at a Starbucks branch decorated with regional elements, blending Western and Middle Eastern influences. The store’s interior reflects the spirit of Dubai, incorporating traditional motifs and modern aesthetics. Whether sipping a latte or indulging in a sweet treat, patrons can appreciate the fusion of cultures present in every sip.

The Hidden Mosques

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Spiritual Sanctuaries Shrouded in Mystery

Seek solace in the serenity of Dubai’s hidden mosques, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Each mosque embodies architectural grandeur and spiritual reverence, welcoming worshippers and curious tourists alike. Among these sanctuaries, the Jumeirah Mosque stands out due to its striking whitewashed exterior and intricate Moorish architecture.

Dubai Frame

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A Panorama of Old Meets New

Stand between two towering glass structures at the Dubai Frame, gazing down upon the city’s iconic landmarks. This architectural masterpiece serves as a symbol of Dubai’s transition from humble beginnings to global prominence. Inside the frame, visitors can ascend to the Sky Deck, offering panoramic views of old and new Dubai.

Sandboarding in Liwa Desert

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Conquering the Golden Dunes

Test your skills on the golden sand dunes of the Liwa Desert, strapping onto a board and gliding down steep inclines. This thrilling sport combines the excitement of snowboarding with the raw beauty of the desert landscape. After conquering the dunes, unwind at the nearby Moreeb Hill, known for hosting the world’s fastest sandboarding competition.

Fishing Boats in Ras al Khaimah

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Traditional Fishing Methods Meet Modern Luxury

Board a wooden fishing boat in Ras al Khaimah, setting sail along the azure Persian Gulf. Under the guidance of seasoned fishermen, passengers can try their hand at traditional fishing methods, such as spearfishing and net casting. At the end of the trip, visitors can enjoy fresh seafood cooked to perfection aboard the vessel.

Jumeirah Public Library

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Literature Lives in Unexpected Places

Browse the extensive collections of books housed within the Jumeirah Public Library, a contemporary architectural gem designed by Foster + Partners. The library’s innovative layout encourages exploration and discovery, featuring interactive exhibits, reading nooks, and a dedicated children’s section. Additionally, the library hosts regular events, workshops, and book clubs, fostering a sense of community amongst readers.


In conclusion, Dubai’s secrets offer a glimpse into the city’s multifaceted character and rich history. From the creative hub of Alserkal Avenue to the historical core of Bastakiya Quarter, these hidden gems reveal the city’s diverse cultures and traditions. The Hatta Pools and Dubai Miracle Garden offer a refreshing escape from the urban sprawl, while the abandoned car dealership and annular solar eclipse viewpoint provide unique glimpses into Dubai’s past and the wonders of the universe.


Here’s a FAQ format for the points of interest in Dubai

Q: Where is the Coffee Museum located?
A: The Coffee Museum is situated in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood in Bur Dubai.
Q: Are there guided tours available at the Coffee Museum?
A: Yes, guided tours are available, providing in-depth insights into the history and culture of coffee in the region.

Q: Where are the desert dinner parties held?
A: The desert dinner parties are often held in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve or other private desert locations.
Q: What type of cuisine can I expect at a desert dinner party?
A: Guests can savor traditional Emirati dishes and international cuisine, often served as a buffet or a multi-course meal.

Q: Where is Delma Island located?
A: Delma Island is part of the United Arab Emirates and is located in the Persian Gulf.
Q: How can I reach Delma Island?
A: Visitors can take a ferry from Jebel Dhanna in Abu Dhabi to reach Delma Island.

Q: Where are the fossil dunes located?
A: The fossil dunes are located in the deserts surrounding Dubai, such as the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve area.
Q: Can I explore the fossil dunes on my own?
A: It’s recommended to join a guided desert safari to ensure a safe and informative experience.

Q: Where is the Al Qudra Cycling Path located?
A: The Al Qudra Cycling Path is situated in the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve area.
Q: Are bike rentals available near the Al Qudra Cycling Path?
A: Yes, there are bike rental facilities available, and some tour companies offer guided cycling tours.

Q: Where is the abandoned car dealership located?
A: The abandoned car dealership is situated in an industrial area of Dubai, and its exact location may require local guidance.
Q: Is it safe to visit the abandoned car dealership?
A: It’s advisable to visit such locations with caution and respect for private property.

Q: Where can I find sunscreen distribution stations in Dubai?
A: Sunscreen distribution stations are typically found at public beaches and parks across Dubai.
Q: Are the sunscreen products provided at these stations environmentally friendly?
A: Yes, the sunscreen products provided are often eco-friendly and safe for marine life.

Q: Where are non-tourist area hotels located in Dubai?
A: Non-tourist area hotels are scattered throughout residential neighborhoods in Dubai.
Q: What are the advantages of staying in non-tourist area hotels?
A: Guests can experience authentic local culture, enjoy lower accommodation costs, and explore off-the-beaten-path attractions.

Q: Where can I view the annular solar eclipse in Dubai?
A: The annular solar eclipse can be viewed at three locations in Dubai: Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre, Marina Mall, and Mushrif Park
What are some tips for photographing a solar eclipse in Dubai?
A: Visitors can use apps like PhotoPills to predict the behavior of the sun and moon, practice lining up shots before the eclipse, and experiment with different filters to balance the brightness of the sun with the overall scene and silhouettes

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