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Capri, an enchanting island nestled in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant atmosphere. While Capri is often associated with luxury and exclusivity, there are hidden gems that cater to budget-conscious travelers seeking an affordable yet memorable stay. In this article, we will explore some of the best budget-friendly hotels in Capri italy allowing you to experience the charm of this Italian paradise without breaking the bank.

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Hotel Il Girasole:

Located just a short distance from Capri’s main square, Hotel Il Girasole offers a perfect blend of affordability and convenience. The hotel boasts comfortable rooms with picturesque views of the surrounding landscape. With its friendly staff and proximity to local attractions, Il Girasole provides an excellent option for travelers on a budget.

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Hotel La Tosca:

Situated in the heart of Anacapri, Hotel La Tosca is a charming and budget-friendly accommodation option. The hotel’s cozy rooms reflect the traditional Mediterranean style, providing guests with a genuine Capri experience. Enjoy the warm hospitality and explore the nearby attractions, including the Villa San Michele and Monte Solaro.

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Hotel Villa Sarah:

For those seeking tranquility without sacrificing affordability, Hotel Villa Sarah in Anacapri is an ideal choice. Surrounded by lush gardens, this hotel offers a peaceful retreat while remaining within reach of Capri’s bustling center. Comfortable rooms, personalized service, and a serene atmosphere make Hotel Villa Sarah a hidden gem for budget travelers.

Hotel Bristol:

Located near the Marina Grande, Hotel Bristol is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality. The hotel provides clean and comfortable rooms with modern amenities. Its strategic location allows easy access to the island’s beaches and the vibrant Marina Grande atmosphere.

Hotel Senaria:

Situated in Anacapri, Hotel Senaria offers a cozy and intimate setting for budget-conscious travelers. The hotel’s well-appointed rooms, attentive staff, and a peaceful atmosphere contribute to a delightful stay. Explore the nearby Blue Grotto or take a leisurely stroll through Anacapri’s charming streets.

Hotel Carmencita:

Nestled in the heart of Capri town, Hotel Carmencita offers budget-conscious travelers a charming and centrally located accommodation option. The hotel provides cozy rooms with modern amenities, and its proximity to the island’s attractions, shops, and restaurants makes it a convenient choice for those exploring Capri on a budget.

Hotel Il Nido:

For a budget-friendly stay with stunning views, consider Hotel Il Nido in Anacapri. Perched on the hills overlooking the island, this hotel offers panoramic vistas of the sea and the surrounding landscape. With comfortable rooms and a terrace where you can relax and take in the breathtaking scenery, Hotel Il Nido provides an affordable escape in a picturesque setting.

Hotel Bellavista:

Located in the quieter town of Anacapri, Hotel Bellavista combines affordability with a relaxing atmosphere. The hotel features simple yet comfortable rooms and a lovely garden terrace with views of the Gulf of Naples. Enjoy the tranquility of Anacapri while still being within reach of Capri’s attractions via a short bus ride or a scenic walk.

Hotel Villa Eva:

Situated close to the Marina Grande, Hotel Villa Eva offers budget-friendly accommodations with a touch of elegance. The hotel features bright and airy rooms, and some units even come with balconies or terraces. Its convenient location allows easy access to the port, making it an excellent choice for travelers arriving by ferry.

Hotel Il Rosso e il Blu:

In the heart of Capri town, Hotel Il Rosso e il Blu provides a comfortable stay at an affordable price. The hotel’s rooms are tastefully decorated, and guests can enjoy a pleasant garden area. With the central location, you can easily explore Capri’s vibrant streets, visit the iconic Piazzetta, and indulge in the island’s rich culture without straining your budget.

Hotel Il Giramondo:

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Capri, Hotel Il Giramondo provides budget-conscious travelers with a peaceful retreat. The hotel offers comfortable rooms, a welcoming atmosphere, and a rooftop terrace where guests can unwind while taking in panoramic views of the sea and the island’s landscape.

Hotel della Piccola Marina:

Situated near the Marina Piccola, Hotel della Piccola Marina is a charming and affordable option for those seeking a seaside escape. The hotel features cozy rooms with a touch of Mediterranean flair, and its location allows easy access to the beach and the iconic Faraglioni rock formations.

Hotel Canasta:

Overlooking the Marina Piccola, Hotel Canasta offers budget-friendly accommodations with a touch of elegance. The hotel boasts spacious rooms, a beautiful garden, and a terrace with breathtaking views. With its serene location, Hotel Canasta provides a tranquil haven while still being close to the island’s attractions.

Hotel A Pazziella:

Nestled in the heart of Capri town, Hotel A Pazziella combines affordability with a central location. The hotel features comfortable rooms with classic Italian decor, and its proximity to the Piazzetta and the shopping district makes it a convenient choice for those who want to experience the lively atmosphere of Capri.

Hotel La Certosella:

Located in Anacapri, Hotel La Certosella offers a relaxed and budget-friendly stay away from the crowds. The hotel provides simple and clean rooms, a charming garden, and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views. Enjoy the tranquility of Anacapri while still having easy access to the island’s attractions.

tips for choosing hotels in capri italy

Choosing the right hotel in Capri, Italy, is essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay on this enchanting island. Here are some tips to consider when selecting a hotel in Capri:


Decide whether you want to stay in the bustling center of Capri town or the quieter surroundings of Anacapri. Each area has its own charm, so choose based on your preferences for nightlife, shopping, or a more relaxed atmosphere.

Establish a budget for your accommodation. Capri offers a range of hotels, from luxurious resorts to more budget-friendly options. Knowing your budget in advance will help narrow down your choices.
Amenities and Services:

Consider the amenities offered by the hotel. Some travelers prefer a pool, spa, or on-site restaurant. Check if the hotel provides services such as airport transfers or guided tours to enhance your overall experience.
Reviews and Ratings:

Read reviews from other travelers on reliable platforms such as TripAdvisor or Booking.com. Pay attention to feedback about cleanliness, staff friendliness, and the overall experience. High ratings and positive reviews are good indicators of a quality hotel.
Proximity to Attractions:

Evaluate the hotel’s proximity to key attractions. If there are specific landmarks or activities you plan to visit, choose a hotel that provides easy access to these locations to save time and effort.

Check the transportation options near the hotel. Capri has a well-connected public transportation system, including buses and funiculars. If you plan to explore the island extensively, choose a hotel with convenient access to transportation hubs.
Room Views:

If a scenic view is important to you, inquire about the room options and their views. Many hotels in Capri offer rooms with stunning views of the sea, mountains, or iconic landmarks like the Faraglioni rocks.
Seasonal Considerations:

Be mindful of the time of year you plan to visit. High season in Capri can be crowded, and prices may be higher. Consider visiting during the shoulder seasons (spring or fall) for a more relaxed experience.
Cancellation Policies:

Review the hotel’s cancellation policies. Unforeseen circumstances might lead to changes in your travel plans, so it’s wise to choose a hotel with a flexible cancellation policy.
Local Character:

Choose a hotel that reflects the local character and charm of Capri. Boutique hotels or family-run establishments often provide a more authentic experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the island’s culture.
By considering these factors, you can find the perfect hotel in Capri that aligns with your preferences, budget, and travel goals.


Capri, often associated with luxury, has a welcoming side for budget-conscious travelers. These affordable hotels not only provide a comfortable stay but also allow you to immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Capri without exceeding your budget. So, pack your bags, embark on an affordable adventure, and discover the alluring charm of Capri, Italy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About hotels in Capri Italy

  1. What are the approximate daily expenses for a visit to Capri?

Daily expenses can vary based on personal preferences, but on average, budget travelers may spend around €70-€100 per day, mid-range travelers around €150-€300, and luxury travelers €300 and above. These estimates include accommodation, meals, transportation, and activities.

  1. Is it safe to drink tap water in Capri?

Yes, tap water in Capri is generally safe to drink. The island adheres to high hygiene standards, and tap water is treated and safe for consumption. However, some visitors may prefer bottled water for personal preference.

  1. What is the typical cost of a meal at a restaurant in Capri?

Dining expenses can vary, but a meal at a mid-range restaurant may cost around €25-€50 per person. High-end restaurants can have higher prices, while budget-friendly options like pizzerias may offer meals for around €10-€20.

  1. How is the weather in Capri throughout the year?

Capri enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Summer temperatures range from 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F), while winters are milder, with temperatures around 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F). Spring and fall are pleasant with temperatures between 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F).

  1. What are the best months to visit Capri for good weather?

The months of May to September are considered the best for warm and sunny weather. During these months, you can enjoy outdoor activities, beaches, and explore the island comfortably. However, these are also peak tourist months.

  1. How do I get to Capri from Naples or Sorrento?

Capri is accessible by ferry or hydrofoil from Naples or Sorrento. The journey takes about 40 minutes from Naples and 20 minutes from Sorrento by hydrofoil. Ferries take a bit longer but are also a scenic option.

  1. Are there safety concerns for tourists in Capri?

Capri is generally a safe destination for tourists. However, it’s advisable to practice common safety precautions, such as safeguarding valuables and being aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas. Emergency services are available on the island.

  1. Are there vegetarian and vegan food options in Capri?

Yes, Capri caters to a variety of dietary preferences. Many restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan options, and local specialties like pasta, salads, and vegetable-based dishes are commonly available.

  1. What are some local foods to try in Capri?

Capri is known for its delicious cuisine. Some local delicacies to try include “Ravioli Capresi” (Capri-style ravioli), “Limoncello” (a lemon-flavored liqueur), and fresh seafood dishes like “Insalata di Polpo” (octopus salad) or “Spaghetti alle Vongole” (spaghetti with clams).

  1. Are there any cultural etiquette tips to keep in mind while in Capri?

Italians appreciate politeness and respect for local customs. It’s customary to greet people with a friendly “Buongiorno” (good morning) and “Buonasera” (good evening). When dining, it’s common to linger over meals and enjoy the experience, so don’t rush through your dining experience.

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