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Skydive Dubai offers tandem skydiving, where a customer is securely harnessed to an experienced instructor to experience the thrill of freefall. The Palm Dropzone provides a stunning view of the Palm Jumeirah, World Islands, Ain Dubai, and the Burj al Arab, while the Desert Dropzone offers a skydive over Dubai’s sandy dunes. The tandem package includes photographs, medical insurance, and the option to purchase a video of the experience. https://youtu.be/FpixMSXUa7U?si=7kQNkTMKSeyzzhiv

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Requirements and Options

Participants must meet certain requirements, such as age and health conditions, to skydive. Additionally, Skydive Dubai offers an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course for those who want to learn how to skydive solo. The course covers theoretical and practical training, and upon completion, graduates will be ready to perform solo skydives.

Pricing and Discounts

The prices for tandem skydiving may vary, and there are specific requirements for participants, such as age and the need for a medical certificate for those above 70. Residents in the UAE can enjoy a discount on flights during specific periods.

Unforgettable Adventure

Skydiving in Dubai is described as an exhilarating adventure that offers a unique perspective of the city’s stunning landscape.

To book a skydive in Dubai, you can follow these steps:

Online Booking: Visit the Skydive Dubai website and use their live booking calendar to select your preferred date and time for the tandem skydive

In-Person Booking: If you prefer to book in person, you can visit the Palm Dropzone and book your adventure at the manifest desk

Contact Information: You can also contact Skydive Dubai at +971 4 3778888 for any questions or to book your experience

Special Offers: Keep an eye out for special offers and discounts, such as the 20% discount for UAE residents during specific periods

Whether you choose to book online, in person, or by contacting them directly, Skydive Dubai offers multiple options to make your booking process convenient and straightforward.

The cost of a tandem skydive in Dubai can vary based on the location and package. At the Desert Dropzone, the price for a tandem skydive is around AED 1,799 to AED 2,500
It’s important to check the official website or contact Skydive Dubai for the most up-to-date pricing and to make a booking
Additionally, residents in the UAE can enjoy a 20% discount on flights during specific periods by contacting the reservations team with a valid Emirates ID card.

Prepare Yourself Mentally: Skydiving is a major feat, so it’s important to be mentally prepared. Take the time to evaluate what it involves and do your research about the drop zone and the entire process to alleviate any uncertainty

Dress Comfortably: Wear comfortable, athletic clothing such as sweatpants and a cotton t-shirt. Avoid jeans or tight clothing that can restrict your movement. Also, wear sneakers or running shoes; sandals and high heels are not allowed

Eat Right: Have a moderate and healthy meal before your jump to ensure you have enough energy. Avoid eating too little or too much, as it can affect your comfort during the experience

Be Prepared to Wait: Skydiving is weather-dependent, so be ready to wait if the conditions are not suitable. The entire process can take several hours, so plan your day accordingly

Follow Requirements: Ensure you meet all the requirements, such as carrying a valid photo ID, being of the appropriate age, and obtaining a medical certificate if you are above 70 years old

By keeping these tips in mind, you can better prepare for and fully enjoy your skydiving experience in Dubai.

FAQs about Skydive Dubai:

Q. Is Skydiving in Dubai Safe?
A. Skydive Dubai prioritizes safety and adheres to strict safety measures, making it a safe place to experience the thrill of skydiving.

Q. Where Can I Skydive in Dubai?
A. Skydiving in Dubai is available at two main locations: the Palm Drop Zone and the Desert Campus Drop Zone. Each location offers a unique skydiving experience, and prices may vary. Additionally, iFly Dubai offers an indoor skydiving experience for those seeking an alternative adventure.

Q. What Should I Wear for Skydiving in Dubai?
A. It is recommended to wear comfortable, athletic clothing such as t-shirts and track pants, paired with sneakers. Avoid wearing restrictive clothing like jeans, sandals, or high heels to ensure a comfortable and safe skydiving experience.

Q. What Are the Requirements for Skydiving in Dubai?
A. Participants must carry a valid photo ID, such as a passport, Emirates ID, or driver’s license. The minimum age for tandem skydiving is 12 years, and participants between 12 to 17 years old require parental or legal guardian consent. Additionally, individuals above 70 years old need a medical certificate to skydive.

Q. How Long Does the Skydiving Experience Take?
A. The entire skydiving experience, from arrival to landing, typically takes approximately 3-4 hours. The exhilarating freefall lasts for about 60 seconds, followed by a 5-7 minute glide, allowing participants to savor the breathtaking views during the descent.

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